Modern trends of top ux agencies

Today, and it’s not only my personal opinion, I want to share with you something like a digest of TOP web design trends used by design companies in dc in 2017. Let’s start with the most popular trends that are noted by many experts in top ux agencies, and gradually move on to more “unique” ideas. By the way, if you have any additions and thoughts on the subject, please feel free share them with me in the comments

New navigation options

It’s a very fresh idea to implement advanced menu to each custom project. Today you do not have to place horizontal navigation in the header. Due to the increasing popularity of responsive layout, many users have become accustomed to the Hamburger icon menu (consists of three horizontal strips), which increasingly appears in the usual versions of the sites. The line between mobile and desktop design gradually erased. This year we will see a lot of experimentation with the placement and shape of the menu — this may be one of the main trend of the web design 2017.

These solutions allow to use the space differently. In addition to the intuitive scroll down and to the side, and a fixed vertical navigation bar will be hidden by different popular traveling items. With their help, you will be able to place all the necessary submenu items on a single screen. In a sense, it makes site navigation more detailed and useful for users.

Card design

Card — is not a new trend in site design, but in 2017 I expect it will be relevant. This solution effectively provides information on different platforms: from mobile apps and ending with viewing on large TV screens. This format of data organization will allow in most convenient for users way to focus all the information on the objects.

This approach is used by many popular projects in the network: Facebook, Pinterest, Netflix. This option is actually a great example of the successful implementation of cards in design which combines minimalism, navigation and efficiency.

Split the layouts with the screen split into 2 parts

This year we will see more layouts with a split display information on the screen. Particularly this trend of web design in 2017 will appear on home pages and Landing Pages. Visually, the implementation looks great in a minimalistic design with contrasting backgrounds.

The designer can use a different visual technique in adjacent blocks within the same web project. And the result will looks natural.

We considered some of trends in web design for 2017, which now will be actively used by designers in their work. In fact, the original methods were not so much a significant part of the repeated trends from previous years. If I will no count item virtual reality, I can say that the General trend to simplify the appearance of the online project is saved, the designers just continue to look for the most effective and interesting ways to implement it.