Top Instagram Jewelry Accounts

Top Instagram Jewelry Accounts

top instagram jewelry accounts

You can find all kinds of high-end and fine jewelry images on Instagram. There are accounts of Paraiba tourmalines, fancy-colored diamonds, and extraordinary handcraft. You can also follow the accounts of renowned jewelry designers and artists. Below are some of the top jewelry accounts on Instagram. Here’s a list of some of our favorites. Follow them to find your next piece of jewelry! And be sure to check out their videos, too.

Jennie Kwon

If you’re looking for some beautiful, unique, and affordable jewelry, check out Jennie Kwon’s account. The jewelry designer’s delicate and elegant designs are a refreshing change from the gaudy, flashy jewelry that most people wear on a daily basis. Whether you’re buying a ring for your wife or yourself, Jennie Kwon’s selection will be sure to please.

Ana Marina

If you are looking for some new inspiration for your next Instagram post, consider the following five accounts. Ana Marina is an artist and artisan from Denver, Colorado. Her jewelry combines cultural heritage with art in a way that speaks to the modern world. Every piece is unique and crafted with sterling silver and other metals. Her work communicates a story of inspiration. Follow her on Instagram for more inspiring ideas.

Kwiat Diamonds

With their signature lightness, Kwiat designs appear to float on the skin. They are also open to allow more light to enter the diamonds, enhancing their brilliance. And if that’s not enough to impress your fiance, you can also view the engagement rings and other diamond jewelry collections. You’ll find inspiration for your own engagement ring design on Kwiat’s Instagram page.


Creating one-of-a-kind jewels, New York-based jewellery designer Sean Hemmerle is a family business. His pieces are layered with cultural references and are as unique as works of art. The company exhibits at TEFAF in New York, a biannual exhibition that focuses on contemporary and modern art, providing a transatlantic meeting ground for the art community. Follow Hemmerle on Instagram to keep up with the latest collections and get exclusive content.

Trumpet & Horn

If you’ve been in love with vintage jewelry and want to start a collection of your own, you should consider signing up for a TRUMPET & HORN jewelry account. This company specializes in buying vintage jewelry and vintage styles for their customers. Their unique inventory includes vintage engagement rings, marquis cut diamonds, and deep amethysts. In addition to purchasing vintage jewelry, customers can also take advantage of financing plans.

Valerie Madison Jewelry

If you want to find the best designer diamond rings, check out the latest creations from Valerie Madison Jewelry. They feature minimalist, sustainable styles and a love for nature. The company also carries wedding bands made with moissanite, 14K gold, and diamonds. If you’re looking for something a little more different, check out their engagement rings and wedding bands. They use sustainably-sourced materials to create the jewelry.

Stephanie Gottlieb

There are many reasons to follow the jewelry accounts of Stephanie Gottlieb. These top accounts feature unique and beautiful jewelry, including diamond engagement rings and bands, and bangles. Stephanie Gottlieb is known for incorporating rainbow hues into her designs. She is also spearheading the rose gold jewels trend in the bridal world. Check out her favorite Instagram accounts for a peek at what she’s up to.

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