Which Programming Language is Used by Instagram?

Which Programming Language is Used by Instagram

instagram uses which programming language

Are you wondering which programming language is used by Instagram? Read on to find out more. You might also want to check out our articles on Python, Objective C, Cocoa Touch framework, Cloud computing, and more. You might even learn something new! Whether you choose to learn a new language or just learn about Python’s history, here are the highlights of our articles. We hope you enjoy reading! And, as always, feel free to comment!


The engineers at Instagram have used the Python programming language for years. This language favors simplicity and pragmatism, two qualities that Instagram has valued since its inception. It is also one of the most popular programming languages in the world, making it easier for a company to add developers and scale its engineering team. Here are three reasons Instagram has chosen Python as its programming language of choice. Read on to learn more. Let’s start with the pros.

Instagram uses the Python programming language extensively, and has the world’s largest Django deployment. One of the reasons they switched from Ruby to Python is because of its simplicity. But the team had to do a lot of hacks to keep Python as simple as possible. For example, they tried removing the garbage collection mechanism, which collects unused data to reclaim memory. Eventually, they made the switch to Golang.

Objective C

Instagram is built on Python, which is the third most popular programming language in the world. This language powers the Instagram Server, the backend of the app. It is easy to learn and use, and meets the strict requirements of Instagram’s server. Python is an open source language, and can be easily adapted to iOS development. You can also use open-source design tools to analyze your codebase. Here are some of the benefits of Python.

The most important feature of Objective C is its quality. Apple has a reputation for ensuring the highest quality of code and is committed to enforcing this philosophy with their programming languages. They’ve used this language to make Instagram a top-notch social media application, which has a huge following. Its popularity is largely due to the quality of its code. Besides being fast, it also supports various data types, including int, float, BOOL, and char.

Cocoa Touch framework

The iOS SDK includes the Cocoa Touch framework. This framework provides the tools developers need to create native iOS applications. The framework provides an abstraction layer over the hardware used in the iOS platform, allowing app developers to easily integrate with the hardware. It also provides multitasking capabilities and gesture recognition, making it a desirable framework for iOS app development. Instagram uses this framework for developing its mobile app. It allows product teams to ship features faster than ever before, thanks to the easy sharing of code and the elimination of compile-install cycles.

As of May 2019, Instagram has made the Explore tab simpler to use and more useful to find content. The updated interface has resulted in significant improvements in the user experience. In addition, the Instagram user app is written in React Native, a cross-platform framework that is used to create apps for iOS and Android. The backend of the Instagram app uses Python and HTML5.

Cloud computing

A recent move by Instagram to its data center on Facebook’s global network has made its software more efficient. In a cloud environment, the company runs one server for every three users, according to Facebook engineer Pedro Canahuati. Instagram has also shared techniques with Facebook to transfer data from one data center to another. As a result, the “data fetching” time for Instagram users has dropped 80 percent. The company plans to move all its software to the Facebook data center on the east coast.

While the move was successful, there were several challenges and risks. Instagram needed a common network in all environments, which Amazon does not offer. Facebook had to create its own networking tool, dubbed Neti, to solve these issues. This took another year to complete, but it’s a lesson for everyone who builds on Amazon. This is just the beginning of Instagram’s migration to cloud-computing. The company’s new infrastructure reflects this philosophy.


Java is one of the most widely used programming languages, and Instagram follows the same coding conventions as other popular web applications. Instagram also makes use of the Python on Django framework, and uses LibCST to analyze Python code. In addition, Instagram uses Java for Android app development and Objective C/Swift for iOS apps. In addition to Java, Instagram uses the Python programming language to create a client app that works on the cloud.

The Instagram engineering team has a diverse selection of programming languages, but most frequently uses Python for its server-side code. Python’s simplicity and practicality are key reasons for choosing it, and this has been an advantage for Instagram. As an open-source application, Instagram also uses other open-source tools and frameworks to analyze its codebase. These tools can help you understand the complexity of your codebase and identify areas for improvement.

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