Reveal a stalker: identify your anonymous Instagram post viewer

If someone follows you on Instagram, you immediately receive a notification. But what if a person doesn’t follow you? And what if you know that your account is viewed by more users than are following you?

Do you want to check if they’ve been stalking your Instagram for weeks or months? Read this guide about anonymous Instagram spies.


Anonymous Instagram post viewer stalker — is it dangerous?

So you want to declassify the stalkers’ Instagram.

Instagram spies can be completely harmless — your former partners, friends, friends of friends, or colleagues who do not think anything bad, but are just shy to show their interest in you openly.

Here curious users can create fake accounts, or use advanced tools like  SecretPostViewer, anonymous posts Instagram viewer, all in order to stay up to date with the events of your life, but not reveal their identity to you.

And real stalkers on Instagram are quite dangerous users who deliberately try to find out everything about you for evil purposes, use this information in their favor, against you, for blackmail or for commercial purposes.

Lifehack: If you’re not going to be a blogger — make your account Private. Instagram view private profile online is unavailable for any kind of stalker services. 


What is the problem with Instagram stalking?

Instagram cyberstalking is unwanted and very intrusive attention to a certain person and surveillance of another user’s Instagram. 

“​​30% of real-life stalkering cases began via social media”

Sometimes the victims of Instagram stalkers receive threatening photos and messages. The stalker tracks down the address and can even threaten directly.

It is necessary to record the evidence and be sure to contact the police to ensure the safety of yourself and your family.

We have collected several ways to check if someone is watching your life and analyzed what it could threaten you if this is the case.

Attention: the most serious anonymous Instagram spies get inside your accounts

The only way to be a Private Instagram photo viewer of an account you never followed is to get access to it from within.

Some mobile apps, such as WhatsApp, are protected from internal surveillance — they can only be used on one device, and when accessed from any other, you will receive a notification immediately. You will also immediately see if access to your device is blocked because someone got it. It means that you can be sure that only you use them. 

But Instagram can be used on multiple devices. To check your Instagram for internal surveillance:

  1. Open the application settings
  2. Click “Security and Login”. 
  3. There you will see a list of all devices associated with your account. 
  4. To delete an unfamiliar device, if you find it in the list — click on the three dots to the side of the unknown account, and then log out.

Life hack: an additional check to see if someone has set up a redirection from your Instagram. Open Gmail, click on the settings icon, open the tab completely and find “POP/IMAP Forwarding”. Find “Sent” to find out if your emails are being sent anywhere else. 

Constantly check your activity and change passwords regularly to avoid internal anonymous browsing of your Instagram.


3 easy ways to find out if anyone stalking your Instagram account

Let’s face it, there are no normal ways to find out who exactly visited your Instagram page. But there are tricks that, with due care, will allow you to recognize your Instagram stalkers.

Important! Do not use programs and applications that promise to show the guests of the page! This is a fraud in order to steal your data.

Don’t believe in all third-party “analytical-programs” for Instagram, which promise to roll out full statistics and show all the guests. They are actively advertised, but the principle of operation is quite simple:

– The account is linked to such a “miracle program”, which thereby gets access to the profile.

– If someone showed activity under your posts (liked, commented, watched stories) – their program will show, but no more.

– In other cases, a person is loaded with a list of random accounts that allegedly visited the page in the last 24 hours.

All this is a hoax, since real tracking of guests will imply hacking and embedding in the algorithms of Instagram itself. But it is almost impossible to do this, since real pros are engaged in protecting these algorithms.

1. Identify Instagram stalkers by activity

You can find out who visited your Instagram page only by indirect signs such as:

  • likes of publications
  • messages to Direct
  • number of views in the video 

Unfortunately, Instagram will not give you more accurate information.

Lifehack: find out who visited your Instagram without following. The feed invites you to follow some accounts. This list on Instagram is periodically updated. The first account offered in this list is the last one who was on the page. 

2. Find hidden Instagram visitors using ads

Another option to find out who is following you on Instagram is a retargeting option. When setting up retargeting on Instagram, you can specify in the audience of those who visited your page. That is how you can recognize guests of your Instagram profile.

Note: But all the same, if your anonymous Instagram guests watched your posts or stories with the help of professional monitoring services such as SecretPostViewer – you will see only accounts that are in no way related to real users. Since such services do not require identification of the Instagram stalker at all.

3. Identifying the curious in the stories

Check the list of viewed stories, but this is relevant only at the time of the activity of the story. 

Open your story and click on the “Viewed” list at the bottom.

There you can see who has been viewing your account and who has not followed you at the same time. 

Lifehack: block all unknown users from this list, as well as all possible accounts that they can create 


The extreme degree of Instagram stalking: a copy of your account

Sometimes check Instagram for copies of your accounts. If you find a copy, do not hesitate to complain to Instagram, because such fakes from Instagram stalkers can bring you a lot of problems. Such stories are found on the web:

“There is an almost complete copy of my account on Instagram. The username is slightly changed. The DP with my face has been removed, and replaced with one of the photos available in the account. The information in the Instagram profile generally corresponds to the one that was more than a year ago. All photos, descriptions, tags, and all comments to photos are copied — but they come from some left-wing pointlessly named accounts on which something is advertised or sold. This profile is updated with a delay from mine about a day.” 

It is one of the typical stories — and this is a consequence of the fact that the real account remained Public for a long time and came under attack by scammers who use the data for commercial purposes.

Such accounts are used to cheat and imitate a living person. Such a black Instagram marketing. 

Even Johnny Depp faced the same problem. He urges his fans to “remain cautious” about “fake” social media accounts run by people “pretending to be me or people working with me.”

In a recent Instagram story he attached to his profile as “PSA,” the actor warned fans there.


Final word for those who want to protect their Instagram from anonymous

Instagram tracking a user opens up opportunities for a possible stalker and gives him a large amount of information. Instagram is a very popular network where people post daily photos of their lives, and stories. This is what gives the pursuer a clue about the life of his victim.

Be careful, follow the activity on your Instagram, and keep an eye on your visitors.

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