What Do the Instagram Icons Mean?

What Do the Instagram Icons Mean

what the instagram icons mean

If you’re using Instagram, you may be wondering what the icons and symbols on the Instagram UI mean. There are many different icons and symbols on the app, and the meanings behind each can vary depending on the device you’re using. However, they all represent the same thing. Here’s a quick rundown of the most important ones:


If you are new to Instagram, you might wonder: What do the different icons and symbols mean? While each icon has a different meaning, they all represent something within the app. There is a difference in the appearance of the icons, however. For example, the three-bar icon opens up your profile screen. By clicking it, you can access your saved posts or add a user to your Close Friends list. The three-dot icon offers more options for sharing, including turning on post alerts. If you have a lot of photos on your account, you may want to consider tagging your friends and family. The same goes for the three-dot icon, which offers more sharing options.


It is possible to use different IG icons and see how they work, but not all users know what each one means. Because Instagram is constantly changing its iconography, you may not be familiar with them all. These icons are just symbols, though. Read on to learn more about each one. You may also be surprised to know that some of them have multiple meanings! Listed below are a few tips for making the most of your Instagram experience.


When it comes to interacting with your friends, one of the most important features of Instagram is Messages. There are various ways to share photos, including replying to specific messages and forwarding them. You can even customize your chat colors and themes. Message effects are another fun way to connect with your friends. In addition, if you want to have fun while you are connecting with your friends, you can add your own emoji reactions. Messages on Instagram are available for both men and women.


The limits of Instagram are nonlinear and must be diluted to avoid being banned or filtered. If you’re just starting out, cut back on actions by half and wait a month before promoting your account. The new time options will be applied to all users in the near future. While the limits of Instagram aren’t much, they do provide a level of protection against over-extension. If you’re a new user, consider setting a daily limit of five minutes or less and avoiding excessive uploading of photos.

Video Layout

A new video layout has just been added to Instagram, a popular social media platform owned by Facebook. Similar to Stories, the new format lets you record multiple videos in one window. It also allows you to add text or graphics to break up your video. In addition, you can choose the video length. Here are some tips for creating an Instagram video layout:

Direct messaging

If you don’t want to receive notifications about DMs on Instagram, you can turn them off by going to your settings. There are two ways to do this: you can either turn off notifications for specific direct messages or for the entire conversation. If you don’t want to receive notifications from everyone, you can block specific people and accounts. Here’s how. Once you’ve blocked a person or account, you can easily turn off notifications for all direct messages.

Mute icon

If you’re having trouble keeping your stories and posts quiet, you’ve probably seen the new mute icon. This feature allows you to mute the stories and posts of people you don’t want to be bothered by. However, not all users can access this feature yet. You can mute a story or post by pressing the ellipsis button next to it. In addition, you can also mute other users.

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