How and What to Post on Instagram

How and What to Post on Instagram

how and what to post on instagram

If you’re new to Instagram, you might be wondering how to post photos, videos, and GIFs. The good news is that there are a lot of different ways you can post on Instagram. Keep reading for some helpful tips. Instagram is an excellent platform for forming relationships and interacting with new people. Here are a few ideas for posts that you can post on your Instagram page. Make sure to share DIY projects that tie into the theme of your account. You could also post inspirational quotes that you find online. Or, you could come up with your own.


You’ve been wondering how to post videos on Instagram, but aren’t sure where to start. If you’re like most people, you don’t want to make an account and then not post videos. Instagram is a great way to share your personality and products. There are a number of ways to share videos on Instagram and there are even free tools available that make it easy to create and share your own videos.

If you’re using Final Cut Pro X, you can also use Compressor to post your videos. This is more for quality videos, but it’s a pain to use on a mobile device. If you’re looking to make a professional-looking video, consider filming outside of Instagram. You can then edit it using computer software. However, if you’re trying to post a video to your personal account, it’s better to use professional video editing software to achieve the highest quality.


If you’re wondering how to post photos on Instagram, there are some important things to keep in mind. Firstly, be consistent. Try to stick to a theme across all your posts. For instance, a grocery store might share photos of its latest haul. Alternatively, a business might use Instagram to share tips about its products. You could even use the same filter across all your posts to make them look more consistent.

Once you’re done editing the photo, you can choose to add a caption and tag other users. You can also choose to share the photo to other social networks. Once you’re satisfied with the photo, tap “Share” to share it. You can also add captions, tags, locations, and alt text. You can even turn off comments so that only people who like your post can see it. This process is straightforward and requires little effort on your part.


If you’re wondering how to post GIFs on Instagram, you’ve come to the right place. GIFs are now one of the most popular types of video to share on social media. Here are some ways to make your post more interesting and catch the attention of your followers. First, download the Boomerang app, which allows you to record a short video clip and convert it into an animated GIF.

Next, download the Boomerang app and install it on your mobile phone. It will open the GIF to video app and give you four options. Click the “feed” option to add more content to your video. Then, select “Post to Instagram” to add the GIF to your Instagram feed or story. Once posted, you can also edit the GIF in Instagram. If you want to post loops, you should save several versions of your GIF and upload them to your account.

Newsworthy posts

There are several ways to make your Instagram account newsworthy. One way to get the most attention is to post trending topics. Holidays such as Halloween and Christmas can make for interesting topics. A shortage of pumpkins, for example, can become a newsworthy topic. Similarly, social media trends like the ice bucket challenge can be newsworthy. If you have a creative mind and a knack for storytelling, you can use this to your advantage.

Inspirational posts

Inspiring quotes are all the rage on Instagram. But sometimes they just don’t hit the mark. In these cases, you should look for quotes that support your brand’s mission and purpose. Know what your brand stands for, the ‘why’ behind the product or service that you provide, and use the hashtags to match your content. If your goal is to inspire others, inspirational quotes are a good way to start.

It’s easy to set goals and dream big, but achieving them can be challenging if you’re engrossed in the daily grind of social media. Instagram can be an addictive addiction that’s prone to triggering FOMO (fear of missing out), jealousy, and longing. Fortunately, you can boost your mood with posts from inspiring Instagram accounts. Follow these inspiring accounts to stay on track.

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