What is Maya Moore’s Instagram?

What is Maya Moore's Instagram

what is maya moores instagram

If you are wondering what is Maya Moore’s Instagram account, this article is for you. You will discover Her passion for social justice, her marriage to Jonathan Irons, and her salary. In addition to a plethora of information, you will also discover how Maya Moore stays in such high profile? Continue reading to find out! Until then, enjoy a peek at Her latest posts!

Maya Moore’s instagram account

Maya Moore’s Instagram account is a mix of selfies, travel footage and general life updates. In addition to posting photos, she also posts sets of Story Highlights that feature her travels. Likewise, she uses her Facebook page to post screen grabs of magazine covers and photos from her events. While the latter is more personal, the former is still a great source of inspiration. Follow Maya Moore to stay up to date with her latest news and projects.

It has been reported that Repzion and Maya were a couple, but their relationship has been strained for some time. Repzion recently went public with his story about his relationship with Maya, which was widely discussed on Twitter. Though Maya is not as famous as Repzion, she is a rising star on social media. In this YouTube video, she details her relationship woes. She has only 900 followers on Instagram.

Her marriage to Jonathan Irons

The most popular post on Maya Moore’s instagram is “Her marriage to Jonathan Irons.” The actress recently announced that she and the actor, who is serving a 50-year prison term for two murders, have married. Moore helped irons by campaigning for his wrongful conviction. She met Irons while volunteering in a prison ministry program, and she volunteered to help him appeal his conviction. Irons had been wrongfully imprisoned for the crimes, and Moore came to his side to help him gain redemption. During the trial, the two became friends, and Maya Moore later helped Jonathan Irons win his freedom.

The couple first met when Moore was 18 years old and Irons was serving a fifty-year prison sentence for crimes committed as a teenager. Moore was a basketball prodigy, and Irons had spent the previous decade incarcerated for burglary and assault. Moore and Irons became friends and eventually married, after Moore started publicly speaking out about racial injustice and the failures of the justice system. Moore later posted pictures on her Instagram of a T-shirt bearing the names of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile.

Her activism in the social justice space

While her Instagram account is filled with inspirational messages, it is her activism in the social justice space that is making headlines. As a WNBA player, Moore has had a long history of activism, but her most recent campaign has been to free Jonathan Irons, who was wrongfully imprisoned for a shooting that happened in 2008. The NBA star stepped away from her basketball career after the killing, and her social activism in the space helped change one life. She was featured on ESPN before Irons was released.

In the summer of 2017, Moore began wearing a black T-shirt over her jersey with slogans that said “Change Starts With Us,” “Justice & Accountability,” and “Black Lives Matter.” She also wore a Dallas Police shield and the names of Alton B. Sterling. In response, Moore started speaking out about the criminal justice system, focusing on prosecutorial reform and changing the prosecutors who were responsible for these cases.

Her salary

While you’re on Instagram, you might be wondering how much Maya Moore makes. This WNBA star was drafted by the Minnesota Lynx as the number one pick in 2011. She has spent her entire career playing for the Minnesota Lynx and has won four WNBA titles and three WCBA titles. You can check out the latest Maya Moore salary facts right here! These facts are based on payroll figures from the University of California’s fiscal year 2016, which was Maya’s most recent.

The actress has a Facebook account, which she uses to update her followers on her career. She often posts about upcoming tours and her studio progress. She also posts occasional updates for her fans. The content on her Facebook account is short on words, though; she usually prefers to post sultry video clips and magazine covers. In addition, you can check out her Instagram for more information on her salary and her work.

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