Top Instagram Accounts For Dogs

Top Instagram Accounts For Dogs

top instagram dog accounts

If you are interested in the world of dogs, you can look up the top Instagram accounts for dogs and see which ones have the most followers. This list is based on geographical location and the type of breed they represent. There are three influencers with no specific affiliation to any breed. However, if you are looking for a new way to keep up with the latest trends in dogs on social media, you should start by checking out these top Instagram accounts for dogs.

2.1 million followers

Maru has over 2.1 million followers on Instagram, proving that a dog with an overbite and a love for fashion is one of the cutest Instagram accounts out there. Maru’s human, Shinjiro Ono, has made it his mission to keep people encouraged and hopeful. After the 2011 earthquake devastated Japan, Ono created an Instagram account featuring pictures of his dog, who has an abnormally large tongue. He has also launched his own shop, selling doggie gear. His followers are so devoted to him, he’s even featured in books and photo galleries.

Some of the most popular Instagram dog accounts include Doug the Pug, who boasts over 2.8 million followers. The Nashville-based pug has appeared in music videos, magazines, and talk shows. He is so popular that he won the People’s Choice Award, and he has his own dog toys and merchandise line. And don’t forget to check out his music videos. Doug has appeared in music videos for both Katy Perry and Fall Out Boy.

Manny the Frenchie

The story of Manny the Frenchie began when Amber Chavez began posting pictures of her dog on Instagram when he was only two years old. Initially, she posted her own pictures of Manny, but made it look like the pup himself was posting them. This approach gave Manny the Frenchie some modest traction, but once Instagram introduced its video feature, his popularity skyrocketed. He now has more than a million followers and is constantly gaining new followers.

The popularity of dogs on Instagram is no mystery – the French Bulldog breed has the most followers of any breed. Despite being a clumsy breed, they have been featured in some of the world’s most iconic Instagram accounts. His owner, Maddie Humphrey, opted for an artistic and quirky approach to his photos, and their account features a range of images of her dog.


When Tuna was just four months old, his owner created an Instagram account for him and shared pictures of him on a daily basis. The cute pictures of Tuna have garnered nearly two million followers and he’s even gained a few celebrity friends. You can follow Tuna on Instagram by clicking the link below. And while the dog’s account has been created to share his adventures, the account also highlights Dasher’s personality.

Instagram is a popular social network for pet owners and Instagram has become a popular place to post dog pictures. A Chihuahua-dachshund mix, Tuna has a prominent overbite, recessed jawline, and wrinkly neck, which make him stand out in a crowd. Tuna’s pictures have gained him over 1.1 million followers, and his owner, Courtney Dasher, has even begun selling items based on his pictures. The story behind Tuna is so inspiring, it’s worth checking out!


In an age of social media, one Pomeranian with 9 million followers on Instagram has become a celebrity. He is a model, actor, and influencer, so it’s no surprise that he’s one of the most popular dog accounts on the platform. In addition to gaining fame on Instagram, Jiffpom has received numerous awards, including a People’s Choice Award.

This adorable dog has a large following on Instagram, and has even received Guinness World Records as the most followed animal on the platform. In fact, he has 8.4 million Instagram followers as of 2017! He’s so popular that he’s even had his own line of Jiffmojis and merchandise! He even got his own day on Instagram, which was dubbed “Jiffpom Day” by the Los Angeles City Council in 2014. Several celebrities have even come to honor the fluffy pomeranian, including Mark Zuckerberg, who invited him to be a part of the announcement at the F8 conference.


The social media profiles of Harlow and Sage are quite a sight to behold. In addition to being adorable, these dogs are also highly sought after by Instagram users. Sage was a miniature Dachshund, while Harlow is a Weimaraner. Despite being dogs, they have garnered more than 1.7 million followers. The duo is also known to have collaborated with Nuzzles & Co. on several projects, and have received acclaim for their work.

Another famous Instagram dog is Grumpy Cat, who was adopted from a shelter in 2012. She was diagnosed with multiple diseases, and her owner posted daily updates on the Instagram page. Her success and popularity soon became apparent. Another popular account is Kler, a sausage dog who has over 1.8 million followers with only a couple hundred posts! Sage was a true celebrity, but her fans couldn’t get enough of her!

Harlow & Co.

Harlow & Co. began as a general store run by Dr. Charles Harlow, who eventually purchased it when Brooks retired. His house, which he named “Harlow Place,” was a short walk from the store. Dr. Harlow ran the store as “Harlow and Co. Stationers,” selling household goods, stationery, imported pictures, and even French harps and Italian violin strings.

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