What Are the Most Popular Posts on Instagram?

Popular Posts on Instagram

If you’re wondering what are the most popular posts on Instagram, read on. We’ll cover topics like ‘Mermaid Montana is the most popular mermaid on Instagram’, ‘Trending hashtags’ and ‘Pets’. Instagram is an incredible place to connect with like-minded people, and we hope to help you find your niche. However, you must know that Instagram’s algorithm is complex, and not everyone’s feed is impacted the same way.

‘Mermaid Montana’ is the most liked mermaid on instagram

A mermaid is one of the most iconic and popular social media personalities. A mermaid who is popular on Instagram can get up to 20 million likes, and she has a huge following in the process. Mermaid Montana is a well-known Instagram influencer. In January, she posted a video greeting under the ocean, which quickly gained thousands of likes. In July, she posted another video of herself waving through an aquarium. She has received more than 20 million likes on her most recent post.

In addition to mermaids, Cristiano Ronaldo is the most followed Instagram user, and his fans are highly invested in his return to Manchester United. Another popular Instagrammer, Mermaid Montana, has more than 923,000 followers. She wowed a girl at the Blue Zoo with a video that has over 20 million views. Meanwhile, the biggest surprise was the video featuring the mermaid Montana.

‘Trending hashtags’

If you want to see your posts ranked in the top searches, you should know what the most popular and trending hashtags on Instagram are. Instagram is a visual platform, so many people want to share beautiful pictures and catch the eye of their followers. A hashtag such as #summer might be popular at the moment, but will likely fade from the top search results when winter sets in. Valentine’s Day and Christmas jump into the top spots, and #sale rises as each of these seasons approaches.

There are over 100 popular hashtags on Instagram. The problem is finding them. You will need to scroll through hours of posts to find them, but using hashtag tools can help. Many apps are available for free, and can help you find relevant hashtags to use. They also show you similar hashtags based on how many publications a specific hashtag has. Here are a few of them:

Besides pictures, Instagram is also popular for funny videos and memes. Popular hashtags are key to getting these viral. A funny video or picture is incomplete without a trending hashtag. For example, a hashtag pertaining to a hot topic will get more views if the post is related to the trending hashtag. In addition, a hashtag that is relevant to your brand will increase its popularity and your business. With a hashtag search tool, you can discover popular hashtags for your business and use them in your posts.


The Instagram community is overflowing with pictures of cats and dogs. Hashtags like ‘catsofinstagram’ and ‘dogsofinstagram’ have more than two hundred million tags combined. While some may not want to publicly share their pet’s antics, others may find it hard to commit to an account. If you’re interested in gaining exposure for your business, you can consider using a hashtag like ‘petsofinstagram’ to show off your pet.

One of the best ways to get followers is by using hashtags. Hashtags are useful for categorizing posts. Using hashtags gives your account more exposure locally and attracts more people. Another great way to gain exposure is to mix hashtags every now and again. This way, you can ensure that your posts reach different people. Thematic hashtags also make your posts more visible to a broad audience.

Pet social media accounts can be profitable. The pet social media realm has grown enormously in the past decade, and you can monetize your account by promoting your products or services. The Dog Agency, a pet marketing company, has more than a million followers and a 50% engagement rate on their posts. A sponsored content deal can potentially earn you six figures a year. You may even become famous because of your pet!

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