Adoptive design

Adoptive design for today is the most popular solution, proposed by best web design firms. It impresses with the simplicity of implementation, flexibility and speed of implementation. If you create a website from scratch, the laying adaptability in design — almost a rule of etiquette, as even when creating new devices adaptability will make your website looks well (maybe with a minimal revision of the code).

What is the ease of implementation?

Imagine that the site consists of two components — content and design. Change your site on different devices will occur only at the level of style (change the positions of the blocks may hide the minimum change in registration), but no changes in the content and structure will not be introduced. The main drawback lies precisely in the universality. All that the user will receive on the other device (tablet, phone etc.) — is your current website in a format that will allow you to work with it (for example, instead of the three columns the content placed in one). The problem is that on a mobile device and, for example, a laptop user can solve absolutely different tasks.

Mobile version

The mobile version of the website appears most often on the subdomain/subdomain (for example, http://m.<the name of your site>). Usually this is a simplified and adapted version under the device type and the tasks that the user performs on it.

But remember, the mobile version will not work if new device is not just changing the priority of tasks, but appear brand new. For example, to constantly monitor the status of loans and, therefore, to provide notification on the mobile device that it is time to pay, to see the amount, the history, the nearest place where it is possible to make a payment, etc. On the website in this format, these functions simply are not necessary and not feasible, but on the phone it would be very helpful.

So what to choose?

If users on mobile devices solve the same problem as on the desktop, using your website, you can stay on the adaptive design. If with the change of device change the user’s tasks, you have to develop a special mobile version. Maybe You want to offer a more fun or highly specialized solution? Look to the direction of a separate application. In addition, the application can be another significant competitive advantage for you and attract new users.

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