What for corporate style is? User experience & design firms’ principles.

Corporate style (identity) is a set of visual, verbal and information components, unified by a common idea — the unity of perception of the company, its products and services. Full set of graphic shapes, color combinations and principles allow to create easily recognizable image of the company that is easy to remember and is key to understanding its mission, operating principles and ways of development. Style — a term coined by theorists of advertising. In the West corporate style is often called the “coordination of design”, “system identification”, “designing the external appearance of the enterprise.” And that’s absolutely reasonable. If you want to see the perfect work on creation of corporate design, you should take a look at portfolios of real professionals.


The corporate style of the company confirms that it stands firmly, that it came on the market a year or two, but for the long period. And that means that clients will treat it with respect and trust. In addition, the number of companies specializing in the same types of services is rapidly increasing. In this connection all the more urgent becomes the problem of identity and recognition. Corporate style creates a positive attitude towards company buyers, partners; in addition, it helps to differentiate its product from products of competitors. The “high” of FS indirectly is testimony to the reliability of the company and the guarantor that the firm observes the perfect order in everything — in production and in life.


There are two main views on when to proceed with the development of FS:

  • since the formation of the company;
  • after the firm firmly back on my feet

Two opinions can not be. Attention FS necessary to pay always, from the birth of the firm.

When You register a company that give her a certain name. The name of the company is already a carrier of a particular style. Later, you order a company seal, which is cryptographically composition. This is another medium FS. Almost every step in the creation and promotion company, you have to think about – to come finally to the development of corporate identity, systemically, or to postpone this trouble, then?

If You do not pay enough attention to the creation of FS of the company, the style still develops, but it happens randomly, without any system. In other words – with this option You create for your company a bad style. And the longer this situation lasts, the harder it will be to fix.

Here I propose you to take a look at the basic elements of the corporate style

  • logo
  • corporate colors
  • corporate fonts
  • the Internet site
  • forms for written, electronic and Fax messages
  • business cards (for staff and General for the company)
  • envelopes
  • folder for documents

So be ensured, that if you will order corporate identity creation to the right guys, you will earn all listed below and a lots of more!

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